Ever since Cartier released the 41mm-wide version of the Cartier Cle watch with the "mysterious hours" complication, I've been quietly in love with this still newer case design as the foundation of interesting, more high-end models that are nevertheless simple in their presentation. SIHH 2016 sees the debut of the replica watches Cle de Cartier Automatic Skeleton, which takes Cartier's now popular in-house-made and distinctly skeletonized watch movements a step further by adding automatic winding - a first for a breitling replica movement of this type produced by Cartier. Skeletonized mechanical watches are enjoying a sort of new golden age because the visually very satisfying decoration process also happens to help www.closingtag.net watch lovers justify why they spend the big bucks on luxury timepieces. It isn't always enough to have a mental reminder that your high-end timepiece contains a nice movement - sometimes you want a constant reminder on your omega replica wrist. Moreover, the skeletonization process offers a very real view into the operation of these tiny machines which track the time.



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